Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=81782016-10-23T06:22:00Zhttp://9news.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8179Keanu Reeves fulfils 'dream' of attending Australian MotoGPHe might have been trying to keep a low profile, but fans have spotted Hollywood star Keanu Reeves at the Australian MotoGP on Phillip Island.2016-10-23T17:16:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00ZAAPuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8180New South Wales claim six-wicket win over Queensland in Matador CupNathan Lyon has gotten some confidence ahead of the first Test with a record-breaking haul of 4-10 to help NSW to a six-wicket win over Queensland in the domestic one-day cup final at North Sydney Oval.2016-10-23T17:15:18+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8181Melbourne swimmer Chloe McCardel breaks English Channel swim record<p>Marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel has set a new record for the number of English Channel swims by an Australian, after completing her 20th journey.</p>2016-10-23T17:06:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8182Missing nine-year-old boy found safe and well in RockhamptonA nine-year-old boy has been found safe and well in Rockhampton, after his disappearance sparked an Amber Alert.2016-10-23T15:45:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8183Two people dead after car rollover near Port Hedland<p>Two people have died and two others have critically injuries after their car crashed and rolled on the Great Northern Highway near Port Hedland.&nbsp;</p>2016-10-23T15:13:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8184Emu runs amok on US highway<p>A rogue emu has baffled authorities in the US, after it was spotted running along a highway oceans away from its native Australia. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p>2016-10-23T14:53:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8185Dramatic crash causes chaos in Moto3 grand prixNewly crowned Moto3 world champion Brad Binder has won a shortened grand prix at Phillip Island that was marred by a four-bike crash.2016-10-23T16:16:01+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8186Parental leave crackdown will hurt mothers: ALPOpposition Leader Bill Shorten says Labor will not vote for changes to paid parental leave that could restrict access for as many as 80,000 women.2016-10-23T14:51:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00ZAAPuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8187Sydney driver bungles driveway exitA bumbling Sydney driver has been filmed awkwardly reversing the wrong way out of a driveway onto a busy road.2016-10-23T14:29:09+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8188Missing man linked to $6 million theft in baffling Adelaide cold case<p>South Australian cold case detectives have released the last known images of a missing man, who police believe is linked to a $6.326 million theft from an Asian bank account.</p>2016-10-23T15:30:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8189Scientists suggest possible solution to Bermuda Triangle mystery<p>Bizarre clouds that form above the Bermuda Triangle could help explain why numerous ships and planes have disappeared in the particular patch of the North Atlantic Ocean, according to a group of scientists.&nbsp;</p>2016-10-23T14:40:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8190Postcard takes 50 years to arrive at Adelaide homeAn Adelaide couple sorting their mail last week discovered a postcard from Tahiti postmarked 1966.2016-10-23T14:22:18+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8191Police issue public appeal for backpacker missing in Queensland since MayQueensland police have issued an appeal for information about a 29-year-old French Canadian backpacker who has been missing since May.2016-10-23T13:22:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00ZAAPuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8192Woman carrying skull on stick leads police to human remainsIn a scene straight out of Halloween, a woman walks through a suburban street in the US holding a stick with a skull on top of it.2016-10-23T09:55:13+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8193Walk for Prems: Thousands stroll to support premature babies<p>Thousands of people across Australia have participated in a special Sunday stroll to raise funds and awareness for premature and sick babies.&nbsp;</p>2016-10-23T13:48:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Zuuid:96999f46-4e11-4626-b290-ae87b87e9db2;id=8194Sulphur cloud from IS-torched Iraq plant kills two civiliansToxic fumes released when jihadists torched a sulphur plant near Mosul have killed two Iraqi civilians, made many ill and forced US troops at a nearby base to wear masks.2016-10-23T12:05:00+11:002016-10-23T06:22:00Z
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