Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=51182014-12-21T09:58:03Zhttp://9news.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5119Dad and two sons found in outback QueenslandThe search for a father and his two young sons in outback Queensland has had a happy ending with the trio found safe and well.2014-12-21T19:43:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5120One dead and five injured in two car crash outside Adelaide<p>Five people have been seriously injured and one person has been killed following a two car crash in Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia.</p>2014-12-21T20:12:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5121Man drowns at beach in Victoria<p>A man has drowned at Venus Bay, Gippsland where he was swimming with two friends.</p>2014-12-21T19:48:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5122Phone call warning of Monis hours before siege was looked into: Abbott<p>Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended the actions of authorities after it was revealed an anonymous tip-off was made about gunman Man Monis less than 48 hours before the Sydney siege.</p>2014-12-21T19:15:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5123WA Labor wants young people to see ice as 'uncool'Only losers take ice. That's the message West Australian Labor wants to send young people to tackle the drug's scourge on society.2014-12-21T19:00:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5124Melbourne hospital evacuated after leakPatients have been moved to other hospitals as a precaution after burst pipe flooded three floors at Melbourne's Epworth Freemasons Hospital.2014-12-21T20:34:49+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5125WA to weather deficit storm for first time in 15 yearsWest Australian Treasurer Mike Nahan has confirmed the state government will weather its first deficit in 15 years.2014-12-21T18:21:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5126Premier Daniel Andrews says Victorians won't be hit hard with compensation bill over East West LinkPremier Daniel Andrews says he doesn't think halting work on the East West Link will leave Victorians with a massive compensation bill.2014-12-21T15:02:28+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5127Medical cannabis trials in NSW to begin tomorrow<p>Trials of medical cannabis get underway in NSW this week but it could take years before it's approved for mainstream use.</p>2014-12-21T19:16:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5128Police interview man in relation to pipe bomb explosionsVictoria Police Arson and Explosive Squad detectives are interviewing a Maiden Gully man in relation to home made explosives detonated in Bendigo overnight as part of a dangerous prank.2014-12-21T19:18:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5129Erin Molan features in new campaign to curb alcohol-related drowning deaths<p>Weekend TODAY presenter Erin Molan has featured in a new campaign designed to prevent alcohol-related drowning deaths.</p>2014-12-21T16:10:15+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5130Tony Abbott resets team for year aheadPrime Minister Tony Abbott has reshuffled a number of senior ministries, and axed Defence Minister David Johnston altogether.2014-12-21T19:58:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03ZAAPuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5131Brisbane company behind office Slip 'n Slide<p>A photo of a group of Brisbane office workers huddled around the edges of a massive Slip 'n Slide inside their building has gone viral.</p>2014-12-21T12:33:19+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5132Two US police officers shot dead while on dutyTwo US police officers have died after being shot execution style while sitting in a patrol car in Brooklyn, New York.2014-12-21T19:13:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5133Truck rolls onto busy Queensland road without driverDramatic video has emerged showing the moment a truck rolled onto a busy Queensland road without the driver inside.2014-12-21T13:13:23+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Zuuid:c91a5c12-8bbd-4cda-9e58-257b521a99db;id=5134Woman charged over murder of children as a community mourns<p>The Torres Strait Islander community has gathered in Cairns this evening to hold a memorial for the eight children killed on Friday.</p>2014-12-21T19:36:00+11:002014-12-21T09:58:03Z
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