Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=49822016-07-23T16:56:17Zhttp://9news.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4983‘The Roughead Effect’: Hawks star’s cancer battle triggers increase of melanoma checks <p>Doctors have praised Hawthorn star Jarryd Roughead for making his cancer battle public, which has sparked an increase in melanoma checks.&nbsp;</p>2016-07-23T19:14:38+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4984Munich shooting: Teen suspect was 'obsessed' with mass killings<p>The teenager who shot dead nine people in a gun rampage in Munich was "obsessed" with mass killers like Norwegian right-wing fanatic Anders Behring Breivik and had no links to ISIL, police say.</p>2016-07-24T02:46:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17ZDPAuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4985‘I will not be bullied’: Stephen Dank defiant after shooting attack at his Melbourne homeControversial sports scientist Stephen Dank says he has &ldquo;suspicions&rdquo; as to why he was the victim of the shooting incident at his Melbourne home overnight.2016-07-23T19:26:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4986Decorated paramedic stabbed by woman demanding drugs on Fraser Island<p>An injured Queensland paramedic had to call Triple Zero for himself after being stabbed on the job by a woman seeking drugs.</p>2016-07-23T20:38:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17ZAAPuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4987Men involved in mid-air brawl on Jetstar flight to Phuket blacklisted by airlineSix men who sparked a mid-air brawl aboard a Jetstar flight to Thailand have been banned from the airline and can expect to be hit with heavy fines after returning home under guard.2016-07-23T18:23:26+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4988Record-breaking Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov lands safely after epic hot air balloon journeyRussian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov has landed safely after breaking the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the earth in a hot air balloon.2016-07-23T19:06:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4989Man filmed 'kung fu' kicking section of Great Wall of China<p>Chinese police are on the hunt for a man who has been filmed destroying part of what appears to be the Great Wall of China.</p>2016-07-23T15:44:45+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4990Woman, 68, stabbed to death in North Hobart shop<p>A woman has died after being stabbed multiple times at her shop in North Hobart.&nbsp;</p>2016-07-23T17:30:45+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4991Man in custody after bomb scare in Melbourne’s city loop<p>A man is being questioned by police after a suspected bomb scare in Melbourne&rsquo;s city loop today.</p>2016-07-23T17:16:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4992Crowning glory: Miss World Australia 2016 finals A bevy of intelligent beauties last night converged at Melbourne's Crown Palladium to compete for the title of Miss World Australia.2016-07-23T17:00:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4993 ‘Wiener’ takes all as hot dog eating competition hits Melbourne’s Luna Park <p>A slew of sausages and a bounty of buns have been scoffed as part of Luna Park&rsquo;s annual Hot Dog Eating Competition in Melbourne.&nbsp;</p>2016-07-23T16:39:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4994Elderly man found after going missing from nursing home on Sydney's Northern BeachesAn 86-year-old man who went missing from an aged-care facility in Sydney&rsquo;s Northern Beaches has been found "safe and well".2016-07-23T16:40:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4995Shark warning issued after humpback whale washes up in Western Australia's Shoalwater Bay<p>&nbsp;A shark warning has been issued for Rockingham after a dead eight-metre humpback whale washed ashore in Shoalwater Bay.</p>2016-07-23T16:28:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4996House prices surge in Sydney and Melbourne<p>The price of homes in the capital cities of NSW and Victoria have experienced a steep incline, new data has shown.&nbsp;</p>2016-07-23T14:49:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4997Rihanna cast in final season of 'Psycho' spin-off television series 'Bates Motel'The horror television series&nbsp;<em>Bates Motel</em>&nbsp;has cast pop star Rihanna in its final season, the show has revealed during its panel at the Comic-Con fan convention.2016-07-23T15:57:36+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Zuuid:0de3028d-aa3c-4d6d-86fb-9d8b639dc9df;id=4998New video emerges of police officer violently arresting black woman in US<p>Austin officials are investigating the arrest of a black woman who was body-slammed by a police officer during a traffic stop last year, with new video emerging.</p>2016-07-23T15:07:00+10:002016-07-23T16:56:17Z
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