Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=81782015-01-31T22:33:24Zhttp://prod.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=81792015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8180NSW premier Mike Baird wants more adoptions and fasterIn a bid to make the arduous adoption process easier, the NSW government wants to establish the first publicly-supported Institute of Open Adoption.2015-02-01T08:23:15+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24ZAAPuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8181Whitney Houston's daughter revived and recovering after being found 'unconscious in bathtub'<p>Whitney Houston's daughter is recovering in hospital after being found unresponsive in her bathtub.</p>2015-02-01T08:35:00+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=81822015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8183ISIL reportedly beheads second Japanese hostage<p>ISIL has reportedly released a video purporting to show the beheading of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.</p>2015-02-01T07:58:00+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8184Toddler found in Brisbane car park to be reunited with family<p>A toddler found wandering around the car park of a Brisbane shopping centre has been positively identified.</p>2015-02-01T07:17:00+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24ZAAPuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8185Government will reportedly scrap marriage counselling scheme next week<p>The government is expected to announce its taxpayer funded marriage counselling voucher scheme will be scrapped within days.</p>2015-02-01T06:38:43+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=81862015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8187Gas cylinder explosion in Dhaka factory leaves at least 13 deadAt least 13 people were killed and more than a dozen injured when a fire broke out in a plastic factory in Bangladesh's capital.<br>2015-02-01T03:42:08+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8188Prince's household the scene of bloody battles<p>Backstabbing and dysfunction within Prince Charles' royal household is so rife, it sends the heir to the throne into fits of "despair", a new book reveals.</p>2015-02-01T03:18:57+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8189Cumberbatch, Fry back bid for royal pardon for men convicted of homosexualityActor Benedict Cumberbatch was among some 75,000 people to sign a petition urging a pardon for all gay men convicted of indecency in Britain under historic laws.<br>2015-02-01T03:09:35+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8190Bad news gets worse for Tony Abbott, with post-election pollAs if the disastrous loss of Queensland wasn't bad enough for Tony Abbott, his government has now taken a kicking in the opinion polls, to trail Labor by 14 points.<br> <br>2015-02-01T07:23:00+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8191WA bushfires threaten residents with 20m wall of flames, ember attacksFlames up to 20m high and ember attacks are threatening residents in Western Australia, with authorities issuing an emergency warning.<br>2015-02-01T02:16:42+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8192French tourists plead guilty over nude photo shoot in sacred templeThree French tourists will be deported from Cambodia after they pleaded guilty to taking nude pictures of each other inside the country's famed Angkor temple complex.2015-02-01T01:49:35+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8193Coach Postecoglou says Socceroos can 'take on the world'<p>Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou has said the team were ready to "take on the world" after they won a gripping final against South Korea to lift the Asian Cup trophy.</p>2015-02-01T01:12:51+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24Zuuid:030b7eb0-46a3-4456-bbbc-fe313f39fff9;id=8194Pakistan's Shi'ites mourn 61 killedThousands of people, mostly Shi'ite Muslims, carrying black flags and beating their chests have gathered to mourn those killed in mosque bomb. 2015-01-31T20:31:44+11:002015-01-31T22:33:24ZAFP
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