Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=7662014-10-26T03:35:33Zhttp://9news.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=767Obesity emerges as major cancer risk factorMore Australians are at risk of being diagnosed with cancer because they are overweight or obese, according to the Cancer Council of Victoria.2014-10-26T13:48:00+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=768Travel nightmare: Melbourne woman detained in packed Mexican detention centre after passport bungle<p>A Melbourne woman has been locked in a packed Mexican detention centre for almost a week after mistakenly crossing the border without a necessary stamp on her passport. </p>2014-10-26T13:54:25+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=769Predicting Ebola: How social media and online technology helped track the global epidemic<p>Nine days before Ebola was declared an epidemic, a group of researchers and computer scientists in Boston spotted the hemorrhagic fever beginning to spread in Guinea.</p>2014-10-26T12:34:33+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=770Melbourne house riddled with asbestos razed in suspicious fireA single-storey weatherboard house gutted by fire in Melbourne's east early today had been vacant for a while.2014-10-26T11:31:00+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33ZAAPuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=771Elderly man robbed by teen girls he met on Sugar Daddy website<p>An 85-year-old man has been tied-up and robbed by two teenage girls he met on a Sugar Daddy dating site.</p>2014-10-26T12:00:56+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=772Four dead in fatal road crashes across Victoria in 24 hoursPolice are pleading with drivers to take care after four people were killed on Victorian roads in as many collisions in the past 24 hours.2014-10-26T14:26:00+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33ZAAPuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=773Fears for missing girl, 11, who disappeared from North Bondi<p>An 11-year-old girl missing from her North Bondi home had an argument with a family member before she disappeared, police say.</p>2014-10-26T10:41:11+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=774Clooneys continue wedding celebrations with $50,000 event in Amal’s home townAmal and George Clooney are continuing their wedding celebrations with a lavish event at the bride's home town.2014-10-26T08:08:18+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=775Teacher hailed as 'hero' for preventing mass school shooting<p>A young female teacher has been revealed as singlehandedly bringing an end to the deadly shooting spree of a homecoming prince in a US high school yesterday.</p>2014-10-26T09:21:57+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=776Women bitten by dingoes on Fraser Island<p>Two women have been bitten by dingoes on Queensland&rsquo;s Fraser Island. </p>2014-10-26T09:41:56+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=777Shannon Noll's 'bogan' rendition of the Australian anthem<p>Shannon Noll has fired back on Twitter at "haters" who accused the singer of delivering the "most bogan" rendition ever of the national anthem. </p>2014-10-26T08:23:47+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=778Man stabbed in neck during violent wedding brawl in Sydney’s west<p>A man has been bottled and stabbed in the neck during a violent brawl outside a wedding function centre in Sydney&rsquo;s west. </p>2014-10-26T07:35:29+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=779Wanderers just one step from historic Asian Champions League victory after 1-0 winThe Western Sydney Wanderers are on the verge of creating Australian football history, after stunning Saudi Arabian heavyweights Al-Hilal 1-0 in last night's first leg of the Asian Champions League (ACL) final.2014-10-26T07:10:09+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=780Woman sets fire to roommate for throwing out her leftovers<p>An American man is fighting for life in hospital after his roommate set him on fire because he threw away her leftover spaghetti and meatballs.</p>2014-10-26T05:29:02+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=781‘I just wanted to be her when I woke up’: US woman upset she’s not Nicki Minaj after operation<p>A US woman has been caught on camera post-operation in a tearful tirade expressing her love for Nicki Minaj and other celebrities. </p>2014-10-26T05:34:23+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Zuuid:2bd943b0-8cf8-4475-90e6-34162a1658b7;id=782Queensland mother shocked by nasty note in mail<p>A Queensland mother got a nasty shock in the mail when she was sent an anonymous note accusing her of being a negligent parent. </p>2014-10-26T04:59:52+11:002014-10-26T03:35:33Z
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