Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=223562014-08-28T01:03:13Zhttp://9news.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22357Nine exceeds forecasts<p>Media giant Nine Entertainment Co has exceeded its forecasts across the business and is making strong operational progress with its television, live and digital business, the company&rsquo;s CEO said today.</p>2014-08-28T10:45:00+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22358Queensland law student fined for faking credentialsA Queensland law student who masqueraded as a solicitor on social media and in court has found himself before a magistrate for all the wrong reasons.<br>2014-08-28T09:12:58+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22359Judge dismisses child sexual assault case against X-Men director Bryan Singer<p>A federal US judge has dismissed a child sex assault lawsuit brought against Bryan Singer, the director of the blockbuster <em>X-Men</em> films.</p>2014-08-28T10:35:20+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22360Giant panda faked pregnancy to get food: expertsZookeepers believe a giant panda due to star in a live broadcast of a birth was actually faking its pregnancy in order to get more food.2014-08-28T10:28:19+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22361Women-only town appeals for husbandsA Brazilian town entirely populated by young women has put out an appeal for eligible single men but there are strict rules for the potential suitors.2014-08-28T10:12:41+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22362Terrifying chase as two men pursue woman across two trains and down Sydney road<p>A Sydney woman has been through a terrifying ordeal after reportedly being chased by a pair of men along two trains and in a frantic race down the street.</p>2014-08-28T09:49:00+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22363Richmond AFL star Jack Riewoldt reveals cancer scare<p>Richmond full forward Jack Riewoldt has revealed he is undergoing regular health checks after a skin cancer scare.</p>2014-08-28T09:06:43+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22364Disgraced cocaine addicted surgeon deportedA Malaysian-born Sydney doctor who was linked to the overdose deaths of two prostitutes has been deported after spending three years in jail.<br>2014-08-28T08:04:06+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22365NSW principal calls students 'morons' and 'village idiots'A NSW primary school principal who referred to bullied students and those with mental health problems as "nut cases" and "village idiots" has been criticised by disability groups and parents.<br>2014-08-28T07:28:09+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22366Ross Greenwood’s car swamped as Sydney drenched by heavy rainfallSydney&rsquo;s recent heavy rainfall has left many mopping up this morning but 9NEWS Finance Editor Ross Greenwood has revealed he got off to a soggier start than most.<br>2014-08-28T07:46:07+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22367'She trusted adults and that's what happened': Debate over US gun control rages after girl kills shooting instructorUS gun laws are in the spotlight yet again today after a nine-year-old girl accidentally killed her instructor while learning to fire an Uzi at an Arizona shooting range.2014-08-28T07:24:05+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22368Legendary rocker Neil Young and wife Pegi to divorce after 36 years of marriage<p>After 36 years of marriage, Canadian music legend Neil Young and his wife Pegi are calling it quits. </p>2014-08-28T07:24:31+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22369Road rage fight escalates into massive brawlPolice in England are investigating a vicious roadside brawl that was filmed by a passing motorist and posted online.<br>2014-08-28T06:21:12+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22370Severe weather warning issued for south-east Queensland with 90km/h winds expectedThe Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for Queensland&rsquo;s south-east coast today.2014-08-28T08:04:00+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22371CEO on camera repeatedly kicking friend's puppyA multimillionaire CEO has been forced to publicly apologise after surveillance video showed him repeatedly kicking his friend's puppy2014-08-28T05:11:59+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Zuuid:3a8dea08-b12b-406c-87e3-bb90db2a1a17;id=22372Mother of US hostage begs ISIS leader for mercyThe mother of a US journalist held hostage by Islamic State and paraded on video as the next execution victim has appeared on Arab television to beg for her son's life2014-08-28T04:51:06+10:002014-08-28T01:03:13Z
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