Michael Buble

Friday January 1, 2010

In this TODAY flashback, Michael Buble joins us live in concert for breakfast in Peakhurst!

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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=264702014-07-31T23:33:49Zhttp://9news.static9.net.au/content/images/rss-logo.pnguuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26471Uncomfortable silence from the most outspoken coach at the Comm GamesFor someone who clearly isn't afraid to say what he thinks, dumped Australia athletics coach Eric Hollingsworth exited the Commonwealth Games in unusual style. Tap the play button to watch his awkward departure in full.2014-08-01T09:11:56+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26472Palmer wants AFP out of MH17 searchPalmer United Party leader Clive Palmer says Australia should not be risking lives to try to recover remains from MH17.2014-08-01T07:34:30+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49ZAAPuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26473Israel, Hamas agree to 72-hour ceasefireTalks on a lasting peace are expected to begin within hours in Cairo as Israel and Hamas agreed to a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire.2014-08-01T09:28:58+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49ZAFPuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26474Steve Hooker leaves Commonwealth Games gig after wife banned for drugs<p>Steve Hooker has quit his duties as commentator for host Commonwealth Games broadcaster Network Ten, after his athlete wife was banned for drug use.</p>2014-08-01T07:53:14+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26475Yudhoyono demands explanation from AustraliaThe president of Indonesia has demanded an explanation from Australia after a heavily suppressed Victorian court order naming him was exposed by WikiLeaks.2014-08-01T07:15:16+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26476Massive gas explosions kill 20, injure over 200 in Taiwan<p>Gas leaks have triggered a series of powerful explosions in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, killing at least 15 people and injuring more than 230, with officials warning that the death toll is expected to rise.</p>2014-08-01T07:46:07+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26477UPDATE: Pearson scorches through heat before admitting coach spat has been 'huge distraction'<p>Sally Pearson&rsquo;s renowned tunnel vision has delivered a scintillating run at the Commonwealth Games, clocking 12.69secs to smash her rivals in her 100m hurdles heat.</p>2014-08-01T06:51:45+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26478Hail and snow expected as winds ease in Victoria<p>Strong winds moving across the country's southeast are expected to ease today after causing extensive damage across Victoria and Tasmania yesterday.</p>2014-08-01T06:37:24+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26479Driver killed in Sydney power pole crash<p>The driver of a ute has died after clipping the kerb and hitting a power pole in Sydney's southwest.</p>2014-08-01T06:06:10+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26480Couple abandons baby born to surrogateAn Australian couple has abandoned a Down syndrome baby born to a surrogate mother in Thailand &mdash; and now there is a race against time to save him from dying in abject poverty.2014-08-01T04:00:00+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26481Swap from pen to PIN begins today<p>Starting today, all cardholders will need to punch in their PIN codes when they pull out the plastic.</p>2014-08-01T05:45:19+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26482Giraffe dies after hitting bridgeAnimal welfare authorities are investigating the death of a giraffe after it banged its head on an overpass while being transported on a motorway in South Africa.2014-08-01T04:09:22+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26483Demoted worker shoots CEOA demoted employee has shot and critically wounded his tech company's chief executive before fatally shooting himself inside a high-rise office building in the US city of Chicago earlier today.2014-08-01T04:39:41+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26484Strength on the road: The young Australian riding 14500km in his mum's memoryKurt Pride was only eighteen when his mother went for walk and never came home.2014-08-01T04:23:44+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26485Wanted man boasts of Australia terror plansOne of the Sydney terror suspects pictured in gruesome photos from Iraq's battlefields has issued a statement claiming he would have carried out an attack on Australian soil, had he not left for the Middle East last year.2014-08-01T03:36:12+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Zuuid:5a71e3bd-1c5c-4ae4-b26a-15176cff9813;id=26486Pearson finally takes to the track after turbulent week<p>Sally Pearson begins the defence of her Commonwealth Games hurdles title this morning, after a media storm that led to Athletics Australia head coach Eric Hollingsworth's sacking.</p>2014-07-31T18:29:45+10:002014-07-31T23:33:49Z
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