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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=399002014-07-28T14:21:56Z;id=39901Search called off for man overboard in WAThe search for a 41-year-old man who fell overboard from a Liberian oil tanker off Western Australia's northern coast has been called off.2014-07-28T20:17:20+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56ZAAPuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39902Dick McGuigan hopes near-fatal shooting can be a ‘message’ for others<p>Dick McGuigan can look back now on the gunshot that nearly killed him three years ago and laugh.</p>2014-07-28T21:15:00+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39903Families SA head quits after misleading minister over child abuse crisis<p>The head of Families SA, the agency where it is alleged a worker shockingly abused young children in his care, stood down after admitting he got key facts wrong when briefing a government minister. </p>2014-07-28T21:28:16+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39904Push to allow first home buyers to access their superannuation<p>Independent senator Nick Xenophon is introducing a bill to parliament that proposes allowing first home buyers to use their superannuation as a deposit.</p>2014-07-28T20:45:21+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39905Three guilty in love triangle death of beloved lawyer<p>It was three years ago that Wollongong lawyer Katie Foreman was ripped from her family, killed in an inferno set by her boyfriend, his lover and her friend.</p>2014-07-28T18:24:06+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39906Donetsk on a hair trigger as investigators stalled<p>Troops and armaments have been building up on the roads around Donetsk, stalling the Australian-led effort to find the truth behind the downing of MH17 and the&nbsp;still missing victims.</p>2014-07-28T18:18:00+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39907Miracle baby born in Gaza after mother killed in Israeli air strike<p>An innocent infant, little baby Sheymar&nbsp;was delivered by doctors in Gaza despite her mother being killed in an Israeli air strike, along with her father and all of her siblings.</p>2014-07-28T20:27:31+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39908The oversized problem that brings Sydney to a grinding halt<p>Truck drivers ignoring height restrictions can reduce traffic to gridlock, with new figures showing 30 truckies every day are flouting the law.</p>2014-07-28T18:35:11+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39909Boy dies after being hit by car in SydneyA six-year-old boy has died after he was hit by a car at Hurstville in Sydney's south.2014-07-28T19:40:36+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56ZAAPuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39910Observers will check on Russian shipments to Ukraine rebelsRussia has said that observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) would be deployed at its border checkpoints with rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine in the next few days.<br>2014-07-28T19:40:22+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39911North Korea threatens US with nuclear strike<p>A North Korean military leader has threatened to launch nuclear bombs at the White House and the Pentagon as he accused the US of ramping up tensions in the region.</p>2014-07-28T18:55:29+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39912Carl Williams given access to $1m Hodson rewardPolice and prosecutors signed off on a deal to grant Melbourne gangland killer Carl Williams access to a $1 million reward, an inquest has heard.2014-07-28T18:29:29+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56ZAAPuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39913Brave koala clings onto car for 88km after being hitA lucky koala has been given a second chance at life after being hit by a car and surviving an hour-long drive clinging desperately to the vehicle's grille.2014-07-28T17:47:56+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39914YOUR SAY: Headphones blamed for Victoria pedestrian deathsVictorian police are considering radical new measures to curb a spike in pedestrian deaths and accidents, including banning the use of headphones or mobile phones for people walking in Melbourne's CBD.<br>2014-07-28T17:43:03+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39915Olympic diving legend Chantelle Newbery tells how she hit rock bottom over a drugs charge<p>Former diving golden girl Chantelle Newbery has revealed how low she fell, as she pleaded guilty to drug charges.</p>2014-07-28T17:30:51+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Zuuid:86455209-667f-45dd-a423-6aa589f703a0;id=39916Wear yellow and be kind on Friday for Allison Baden Clay's legacy, friends urgeIt was her favourite colour, now yellow is the symbol of Allison Baden-Clay, a woman tragically killed, whose legacy lives on.<br>2014-07-28T16:47:16+10:002014-07-28T14:21:56Z
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