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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=46422014-12-20T05:08:11Z;id=4643Computer glitch caused Jetstar delaysA computer outage was the reason for flight delays for Jetstar passengers on Saturday morning.2014-12-20T13:53:33+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4644Support for shocked Cairns residents following alleged murder of eight childrenAuthorities have arranged social services, including counselling, to help those in Manoora shocked by the murders of eight children. 2014-12-20T13:29:27+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4645Vic ambo pay dispute finally over: premierVictorian paramedics will get a pay rise from January 1 as part of an agreement ending a two-year dispute, says Premier Daniel Andrews.2014-12-20T15:27:34+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4646Gabi Grecko's nude walk gains police action<p>Victoria Police are investigating whether social media personality Gabi Grecko has broken any laws by walking the streets of Melbourne while nude.</p>2014-12-20T13:12:03+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11Zuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4647Sea Shepherd activists in US contempt caseSea Shepherd activists could be liable for up to $US2 million in costs after being found in contempt of court for anti-whaling actions.2014-12-20T15:44:06+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4648Apple CEO 'deeply offended' by claims of worker mistreatmentApple CEO Tim Cook has labelled claims his company forces Chinese workers on its iPhone and iPad assembly lines to work exhaustive overtime shifts as deeply offensive.2014-12-20T12:33:26+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11Zuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4649Top NSW cop's family at Martin Place cafe just hours before siegeThe wife and daughter of NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione were at the Lindt cafe in Sydney just an hour before it became the site of a siege.2014-12-20T12:07:03+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4650Aussie Julian Wilson takes world surf crown<p>Australian Julian Wilson has won the Pipeline Masters and surfing's Triple crown by beating new world champion Gabriel Medina in the final.</p>2014-12-20T11:09:03+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11Zuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4651Bizarre ghost fish discovered at record-low depthsA ghostly fish never before seen has been discovered at a record depth for living creatures.2014-12-20T09:48:00+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11Zuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4652Phelps dodges jail in drunk driving case<p>Olympic swimming great Michael Phelps has dodged a stint in prison for drunk driving.</p>2014-12-20T09:54:00+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAFPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=46532014-12-20T05:08:11Zuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4654Video of boy being stripped by Northern Territory guards 'appalling'Video of three correctional services guards grabbing a 13-year-old boy by the neck and forcibly stripping him is appalling, the Northern Territory Children's Commissioner said.<br>2014-12-20T09:39:00+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4655Commemoration to be held at siege siteSydney siege victims Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson will be commemorated at a gathering organised by the Muslims and Friends community group.2014-12-20T07:25:00+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4656Bride and groom stranded by Jetstar delays day before wedding<p>Stephanie Holden is trying hard not to let any bridezilla tendencies get the better of her.</p>2014-12-20T12:40:00+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11Zuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4657Obama warns North Korea over Sony hack: 'We will respond'<p>US President Barack Obama has warned North Korea it will face retaliation over a cyber attack on Sony Pictures and pledged not to bow to dictators, as an envoy for Pyongyang denied involvement.</p>2014-12-20T07:22:00+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAFPuuid:d1e3b999-1cfe-4851-9b30-0033fe35e027;id=4658Two people rescued from Sydney unit blazePolice and firefighters have rescued two people trapped in a blaze which severely damaged a unit in inner Sydney.2014-12-20T06:01:28+11:002014-12-20T05:08:11ZAAP
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