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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=93852014-10-23T05:52:13Z;id=9386'Dammit Hydra': Supervillains blamed for Avengers 2 trailer leakThe trailer for one of the most hotly-anticipated superhero movies ever has been leaked online a week early, and you might be surprised who's being blamed.2014-10-23T15:51:37+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9387Chilling last photos of Canada's fallen soldier emergeChilling last photos have emerged of the slain ceremonial guard shot dead at Canada's National War Memorial this morning.2014-10-23T15:29:14+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9388Billionaire's Middle-earth wedding pain<p>Billionaire Sean Parker has agreed to pay millions to conservation groups and make an app as punishment for his Middle-earth-inspired wedding that destroyed part of a protected redwood forest.</p>2014-10-23T15:36:09+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9389Gallen launches expletive-laden Twitter attack on NRL<p>Cronulla skipper Paul Gallen has taken exception at Sharks boss Steve Noyce's exit from the NRL club in an extraordinary expletive-laden outburst on social media.</p>2014-10-23T14:26:41+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9390Man on fire filmed crossing New York streetSkin-crawling footage has emerged of a man on fire running through the streets of New York after his preparation for a hookah binge went awry.2014-10-23T14:13:39+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9391Sydney man issues plea for thieves to return stolen war medals<p>A man who had his father&rsquo;s war medals stolen by burglars who ransacked his Sydney unit has pleaded with the robbers to return the treasured heirlooms.</p>2014-10-23T15:14:00+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9392UPDATE: Elderly man lifted to safety after being trapped on rocksA man has been winched to safety after falling and becoming trapped on a rocky shore in Sydney's north.2014-10-23T15:44:00+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9393PM's daughter scholarship case adjournedThe uni student who leaked confidential details of a $60,000 scholarship awarded to Tony Abbott's daughter will be sentenced in November.2014-10-23T14:09:41+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13ZAAPuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9394'Creepy and pervy': Women's private parts filmed on Sydney's northern beachesShocking footage posted to social media of women secretly filmed at two of Sydney's northern beaches hot spots is "perverse" but unlikely to result in criminal charges, according to legal experts.2014-10-23T13:17:23+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9395UPDATE: Police arrest alleged carjacker following 200km pursuit<p>Police have arrested a man who allegedly led them on a high-speed pursuit through rural Victoria after carjacking a woman at gunpoint today.</p>2014-10-23T14:08:00+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9396Man arrested after jumping White House fence, kicking dogA man has been arrested after he jumped the fence at the White House today, attacking a security dog before being taken into custody by the Secret Service.2014-10-23T12:40:52+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9397Victorian cattle breeders win legal fight but may lose NSW property in processTwo cattle breeders who successfully sued the RSPCA over the wrongful cull of their herd, are being evicted from their property while they await a payout.2014-10-23T15:00:00+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9398Gough Whitlam's childhood home to be saved from demolition<p>Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam&rsquo;s childhood home is set to be saved from demolition after a request from Victoria&rsquo;s Planning Minister to the Heritage Council of Victoria.</p>2014-10-23T13:01:34+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9399Woman accused of stealing Aussie tourist's $28k RolexA prostitute in the US is facing jail time after she allegedly snatched an Australian tourist's $28,000 Rolex and hid the watch in her vagina.2014-10-23T12:25:21+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9400'I'm glad folks think I look different': Zellweger responds to recent talk about her appearanceOscar-winning actress Ren&eacute;e Zellweger, best known for her roles in <em>Empire Records</em>, <em>Jerry Maguire</em> and <em>Bridget Jones's Diary</em>, has spoken out about the increased attention she has received in recent days regarding her looks.2014-10-23T10:58:03+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Zuuid:a2c803b2-e17b-45b0-83ee-56375c407300;id=9401New dashcam video appears to show alleged Canada gunman Michael Zehaf-BibeauNew video has emerged which shows what appears to be the alleged gunman in the Ottawa shooting leaving the National War Memorial and getting into a car.2014-10-23T12:50:00+11:002014-10-23T05:52:13Z
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