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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=200442014-09-19T15:50:02Z;id=20045Drink and be merry: Oktoberfest set to toast millions<p>Germany's world-famous Oktoberfest kicks off today with millions of revellers set to soak up the frothy atmosphere in a 16-day extravaganza of lederhosen, oompah music and, of course, beer.</p>2014-09-20T01:41:38+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20046Health benefits from diabetes treatments continue long after stopping therapy: new studyA new study out of a Sydney-based institute has shown type 2 diabetes patients reduced their risk of heart disease and death with intensive treatment.2014-09-19T21:57:59+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02ZAAPuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20047Daughter, boyfriend confess to Bali suitcase killingAn American man has confessed to killing his girlfriend's mother at a luxury resort on the Indonesian island of Bali, while the girlfriend has admitted helping stuff the body into a suitcase.2014-09-19T23:26:10+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20048Roosters beat Cowboys in NRL semi-final thriller<p>The Sydney Roosters have survived an almighty scare to end North Queensland's NRL season with an extraordinary 31-30 semi-final triumph at Allianz Stadium.</p>2014-09-19T22:14:15+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20049‘They have to live in shame’: Gammy agent claims Farnells agreed to pay surrogate but haven’t given a centIn an exclusive interview, the agent who arranged the surrogacy of baby Gammy says Farnell wanted him to &ldquo;do the dirty work&rdquo;.2014-09-19T21:42:29+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20050Fire trucks called to Parliament not terror-relatedPolice and fire and rescue workers outside Parliament House in Canberra tonight were only responding to a routine fire alarm.2014-09-19T20:49:44+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02ZAAPuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20051Elimination finals insights from the NRL’s ‘man of the moment’<p>With a week off for the Panthers, captain Jamie Soward gets the chance to sit back and enjoy this weekend, giving 9NEWS an exclusive insight ahead of the NRL semi-finals.</p>2014-09-19T21:08:00+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20052Man arrested for bathing in mayonnaise in public fountain<p>A man in the US has been arrested after he was spotted using mayonnaise to wash himself in a public fountain.</p>2014-09-19T18:30:00+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20053‘They hate us’: PM Tony Abbott says Australia is a target regardless of military operations in Middle East<p>Prime Minister Tony Abbott has denied Australia's involvement in the war against Islamic militants is the reason behind the threat of terrorist attacks.</p>2014-09-19T19:36:00+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20054Heightened security at sporting finals following terror raids<p>Crowds at NRL and AFL finals games can expect a heightened police presence as Operation Hammerhead continues.</p>2014-09-19T18:53:00+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20055Woman calls police after spotting 'dead tiger' on the road<p>A driver in the US may need to get her eyes checked after calling police to report seeing a dead tiger on the road.</p>2014-09-19T17:39:57+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20056Tropical storm flooding shuts down Philippine capitalHeavy rains brought by the outer bands of Tropical Storm Fung-Wong has shut down the Philippine capital Manila, stranding motorists and forcing tens of thousands to flee their flooded homes.2014-09-19T17:30:00+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20057WATCH: Gold Coast cameraman gets a little too close to the story <p>A 9NEWS cameraman got a little too close to the story today after a car &ndash; believed to be involved in a string of Gold Coast robberies &ndash; suddenly turned and rammed his vehicle in an effort to escape police pursuit.</p>2014-09-19T18:16:58+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20058MH370 search to resume by month's endMalaysia's GO Phoenix vessel will resume the search for MH370 off the West Australian coast on September 30.2014-09-19T15:13:16+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02ZAAPuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20059Dying single mother has her final wish granted<p>A US single mother with terminal cancer has been granted her dying wish when her nurse agreed to care for her young son when she dies.</p>2014-09-19T16:11:28+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Zuuid:1273b203-0bfe-41cf-8727-8f45500da512;id=20060Vatican shrugs off warning of terror plot against popeWarnings that terror group ISIL may be plotting to attack Pope Francis during his visit to mostly-Muslim Albania on Sunday have been shrugged off by the Vatican.2014-09-19T15:51:44+10:002014-09-19T15:50:02Z
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