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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=1202014-11-26T15:56:04Z;id=121Man, two women and girl charged over Sydney crime spreePolice have charged four people over an alleged crime spree across Sydney that included robberies, a car jacking and a kidnapping.2014-11-27T01:42:54+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04ZAAPuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=122Wallabies damage Dublin dressing room after loss<p>The Irish Rugby Union is reportedly considering charging the Australian Rugby Union for dressing room damage caused by a Wallabies staff member following last week's Test in Dublin.</p>2014-11-27T01:29:53+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=123Ice-affected carjacker arrested at gunpoint after Melbourne rampageAn ice-affected carjacker was arrested at gunpoint in a busy Sunshine street in Melbourne's west yesterday.<br>2014-11-27T01:20:31+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=124WA Premier Colin Barnett concedes budget deficit is inevitable<p>Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett has admitted the state budget is heading deep into the red for the first time in 15 years.</p>2014-11-27T00:22:34+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=125Key Daniel Morcombe evidence inadmissible, killer's lawyer saysLawyers for the man convicted of murdering Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe argue his confession was involuntary and made while under threat.2014-11-26T19:05:04+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04ZAAPuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=126Slow release plan for Queensland dams to prevent flooding disaster<p>Water from Queensland's Wivenhoe and North Pine dams will now slowly be released if a major weather event is forecast for the region in a bid to stop a repeat of the 2011 floods and save thousands of homes.</p>2014-11-26T22:07:30+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=127Housing commission tenants under siege in their homes <p>Hidden cameras have captured the terror some public housing tenants in regional NSW have been living through, carried out by some of their wild and ungrateful neighbours. </p>2014-11-26T19:06:30+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=128Former Prime Minister John Howard joins campaign trail with Victorian Premier Denis Napthine<p>As the state election enters its final days former Prime Minister John Howard has joined Denis Napthine's campaign, his appearance nearly overshadowing the premier's visit.</p>2014-11-26T21:10:00+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=129Phillip Hughes' injury a freak accident that recalls cricket's wilder days <p>The devastating injury to Phillip Hughes has brought into sharp focus the dangers faced by cricketers of all levels.</p>2014-11-26T20:36:07+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=130Jury considering verdict in Silva murder trial<p>The jury has started deliberating in the trial of 24-year-old Sydney woman Jessica Silva, who is accused of stabbing her abusive ex-boyfriend to death.</p>2014-11-26T20:47:52+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=131Inside the Navy's soon-to-be commissioned $1.5b warshipInside the steel hull of HMAS Canberra there's a real buzz, as the big ship prepares for its official commissioning later this week.<br>2014-11-26T19:25:00+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=132Phillip Hughes’ hometown of Macksville praying for young star’s recovery<p>The mood in Phillip Hughes' home town of Macksville, on the NSW north coast, was as grey and leaden today as the skies above today.</p>2014-11-26T18:19:46+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=133Abbott Government reportedly set to scrap proposed $7 GP co-payment<p>The Abbott Government is reportedly set to scrap its proposed $7 GP co-payment, amid seemingly insurmountable public opposition.</p>2014-11-26T19:35:41+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=134Camera catches moment driver allegedly slams into police car during high-speed pursuit<p>Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a car allegedly performed a high-speed U-turn and slammed into a Victoria Police car during a pursuit.</p>2014-11-26T18:58:04+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=135Truck driver charged over serious Dee Why crash<p>A 40-year-old man has been charged over last month's horror crash in Dee Why, on Sydney's northern beaches.</p>2014-11-26T19:10:00+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04Zuuid:ce2b7ccb-1e4e-42f2-aa7a-324afbca7d43;id=136Family of slain London soldier blame Facebook over his murderThe UK family of slain soldier Lee Rigby say they hold Facebook responsible for his death, after the site reportedly failed to take action over a chat.2014-11-26T19:00:00+11:002014-11-26T15:56:04ZAFP
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