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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=229512014-04-25T02:50:23Z;id=22952Abbott's George comments labelled 'absurd'Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been criticised for "dragging" baby Prince George into the debate over whether Australia should become a republic.2014-04-25T12:44:37+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22953Fewer WWII veterans in Adelaide marchThousands have cheered on a dwindling number of World War II veterans taking part in the Anzac Day march in Adelaide.2014-04-25T12:41:34+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22954Digger annoyed he couldn't marchBetween 15,000 and 20,000 people, ranging from elderly diggers to young children waving flags attended the Anzac Day parade in Brisbane.2014-04-25T12:40:21+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22955Anzac spirit lives on in Perth marchThe Anzac spirit was alive and well in Perth, where thousands of people lined the streets of the CBD for the Anzac Day march.2014-04-25T12:39:52+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22956Probationary officer on stalking chargesA male probationary constable, attached to the NSW Northern Region, has been charged with stalking.2014-04-25T12:23:07+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22957Veteran collapses during Vic Anzac marchA veteran has been hospitalised after collapsing during Melbourne's Anzac Day march.2014-04-25T12:21:13+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22958Abbott speaks of his awe for the AnzacsThe Anzac generation were tested almost beyond endurance, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.2014-04-25T12:14:38+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22959HMAS Darwin makes record heroin bustAustralian warship HMAS Darwin has seized a record one-tonne haul of heroin from a smuggling vessel off Kenya.2014-04-25T12:10:41+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22960Horrified staff flee charging ox in hospitalStaff at a Rio de Janeiro hospital were sent running for their lives when an unlikely patient let itself in.2014-04-25T11:57:35+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23Zuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22961Small Gallipoli turnout ahead of centenaryJust 4400 pilgrims have gathered in Gallipoli for the Anzac Day dawn service - less than half the 10,500 who will attend the centenary in 2015.2014-04-25T11:38:51+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22962Man creeping into homes of Brisbane womenA man is believed to have entered three separate homes south of Brisbane to touch women and a child while they were sleeping.2014-04-25T11:35:52+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22963Former ICAC boss Barry O'Keefe diesBarry O'Keefe, a former ICAC commissioner and NSW Supreme Court judge, has died. He was also father to TV host Andrew, and the brother of singer Johnny.2014-04-25T11:31:55+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22964Corporal Baird honoured in HobartAustralia's 100th Victoria Cross recipient features prominently in Hobart's Anzac Day events.2014-04-25T11:14:03+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAAPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22965Joan Rivers stands by captivity jokeJoan Rivers has refused to apologise for comparing living in her daughter's guest room with the captivity of three women kidnapped in Cleveland.2014-04-25T11:13:43+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23Zuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22966Underwater search for MH370 continuesThe autonomous underwater vehicle, Bluefin-21, has so far searched 95 per cent of the focused underwater search area but there are still no signs of MH370.2014-04-25T11:13:20+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAFPuuid:b570f9e6-8940-4b19-81fa-98f0f0476483;id=22967Syria raid kills 27 as chemicals destroyedThe UN team charged with overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical arsenal says more than 92 per cent of the stockpile has been surrendered.2014-04-25T11:08:15+10:002014-04-25T02:50:23ZAFP
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