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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=403422014-07-24T12:18:43Z;id=40343Geldof takes aim at government cut-backs for HIV prevention at International Aids Conference<p>Sir Bob Geldof received a rock star welcome when he mingled with delegates at Melbourne&rsquo;s International Aids Conference, but remained tight-lipped on the death of his daughter Peaches.</p>2014-07-24T22:02:09+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40344New study shows Paracetamol may be ‘ineffective’ in treating lower back pain<p>Paracetamol has been the drug of choice for sufferers of lower back pain, but a new study suggests it&rsquo;s not as effective as first thought.</p>2014-07-24T21:57:00+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40345UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports Air Algerie flight AH5017 has crashed in Niger<p>Algerian authorities have lost contact with a passenger plane nearly an hour after takeoff.</p>2014-07-24T19:46:00+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40346War medals stolen from Melbourne home<p>Precious war medals belonging to the family of a World War II veteran have been stolen from a Melbourne home.</p>2014-07-24T20:54:00+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43ZAAPuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40347Billion dollar redevelopment for Sydney’s Harold Park<p>Once known as the &lsquo;Ribbon of Lights&rsquo;, a small part of Sydney&rsquo;s sporting history has undergone a big transformation.</p>2014-07-24T20:24:12+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40348‘Forgotten baby syndrome’ mother acquitted<p>Having always maintained she was innocent in the death of her baby, left in a hot car, Jayde Poole has today been acquitted, with her defence using the so-called &lsquo;forgotten baby syndrome&rsquo; to exonerate her actions.</p>2014-07-24T19:11:43+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40349Workers walk off the Barangaroo site, claiming safety concerns<p>One thousand workers walked off the job at Sydney&rsquo;s largest construction site at Barangaroo, with no plans to return until Monday.</p>2014-07-24T19:57:00+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40350Gaza bombardment could amount to 'war crimes'Amateur video has captured the confusion, panic and sheer terror in the dark heart of an Israeli assault on eastern Gaza.<br>2014-07-24T18:43:00+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40351Sydney woman in hiding over 'adultery' charge abroadWestern Sydney woman Mahassen Issa is in Lebanon, a world away from home and from the legal protections she has known.<br>2014-07-24T18:27:18+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40352'Are you mad?': Why we're riding 14,500km in 32 days<p>I can't count how many times I've been asked this question since I signed on to join the Black Dog Ride Around Australia.</p>2014-07-24T18:16:12+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40353Australian officials to visit MH17 crash site<p>Three Australian officials including Angus Houston, former Australian defence chief, will visit the MH17 crash site, escorted by unarmed observers.</p>2014-07-24T18:13:39+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40354Teens injured after being hit by car<p>Two teenagers have been hit by a car near a local cinema complex in Campbelltown.</p>2014-07-24T17:52:51+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40355Attack on Iraq prisoner convoy kills at least 60<p>Suicide bombers and gunmen have attacked a bus transferring convicts from a prison north of Baghdad in a huge onslaught that sparked clashes with security forces and left at least 60 dead, according to police.</p>2014-07-24T17:19:03+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Zuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40356Magistrate ponders Slipper's cabsACT Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker has retired to consider the charges against Peter Slipper of misusing taxpayer-funded travel entitlements.2014-07-24T18:49:42+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43ZAAPuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40357Vic mum cleared of baby's manslaughterA Victorian mother has been cleared of manslaughter after her child died in a hot car.2014-07-24T18:25:40+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43ZAAPuuid:bd11c0b3-da81-4102-a6f9-9e9e4c193d28;id=40358Credit cards stolen from MH17 victims, used in UkraineClaims pro-Russian rebels looted the MH17 crash scene have been confirmed by grieving relatives<br>2014-07-24T15:57:00+10:002014-07-24T12:18:43Z
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