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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=20922016-09-25T20:46:19Z;id=2093Donald Trump tries to 'get inside' Hillary Clinton's head ahead of first debatePressure has mounted on US presidential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump as they prepare for their first presidential debate with a new poll showing them in a dead heat.2016-09-26T06:17:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19ZAFPuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2094Forbes' Lachlan River reaches it peak during central west NSW floodFloodwaters have peaked in the central west New South Wales town of Forbes, but residents may have to wait days before being able to return home.2016-09-26T05:44:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2095Prince George not impressed with Justin Trudeau's high-five attempt in CanadaPrince George has left Justin Trudeau hanging after the Canadian Prime Minster tried to give the young royal a high-five.2016-09-26T05:35:45+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2096Angelina Jolie 'seeks sanctuary' with children in Malibu home after filing for divorceDevelopments in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce drama&nbsp;have been nonstop since the Oscar winner filed for divorce from her husband of two years last week.2016-09-26T05:02:42+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2097Washington shooting suspect 'zombie-like'A suspect sought over a fatal gun attack at a mall in Washington state has been captured, police say.2016-09-26T04:58:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19ZRAWuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2098South Australian man charged over internet child abuseA South Australian man has been charged over allegations he sexually abused two children and broadcast it on the internet.2016-09-26T03:29:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19ZAAPuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2099UN holds urgent talks as air strikes pound AleppoThe UN Security Council met for urgent talks on Sunday as Syrian and Russian warplanes pounded rebel-held east Aleppo in the worst surge of bombing to hit the devastated city in years.2016-09-26T02:27:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19ZAFPuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2100Vodafone outage leaves thousands without service across Australia<p>Vodafone has restored its service to users across Australia who were left in the lurch overnight, when the company experienced nationwide outages across the network.</p>2016-09-26T02:44:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2101The mystery death of Phoebe Handsjuk: What really happened?<p>The family of Phoebe Handsjuk, who died after falling 11 floors down a garbage chute in a Melbourne apartment block almost six years ago, has vowed the mystery surrounding the young woman&rsquo;s death will one day be solved.</p>2016-09-25T22:10:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2102US pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in Miami boating accidentUS baseballer Jose Fernandez has been killed in a boating accident off Miami Beach, according to US media reports.2016-09-26T05:13:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2103$34m Victorian era portrait smashes Antiques Roadshow recordAn art expert was left stunned when a Victorian era painting estimated to be worth more than $34 million was brought to&nbsp;<em>Antiques Roadshow</em>&nbsp;for appraisal.2016-09-25T19:24:46+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2104VIDEO: Drones investigate mysterious crop circles<p>For those fascinated by crop circles, the development of drone technology has made studying them much easier.</p>2016-09-25T20:24:55+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2105Family says Aboriginal man is 'brain dead' after Adelaide prison incidentAn Indigenous inmate is in a critical conditional after allegedly sparking a violent incident with guards at an Adelaide prison.2016-09-25T20:53:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19ZAAPuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2106VIDEO: Taronga Zoo helping sun bears find love<p>Taronga Zoo is offering children the opportunity to take part in an enrichment program and help one of its residents finally find love.</p>2016-09-25T20:31:39+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2107Three men injured in crane collapse atop North Sydney building<p>Three men have been injured after a crane collapsed on top of a high-rise building in North Sydney.</p>2016-09-25T20:57:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Zuuid:f2107bcb-ba98-4ed2-bcdd-834eb78f3b0b;id=2108Haddara family members injured in Melbourne car rollover<p>Two members of the well-known Haddara family have been injured after their luxury car crashed on Melbourne&rsquo;s Western Ring Road.</p>2016-09-25T23:08:00+10:002016-09-25T20:46:19Z
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