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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=324882014-08-20T20:26:22Z;id=32489Palmer United senator's website copied from WikipediaAlmost 500 words from Palmer United senator Glenn Lazarus' website has been copied and pasted from Wikipedia, the Courier-Mail reports2014-08-21T06:05:07+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32490Mass UFO sighting sparks panic in TexasA circle of blinking lights hovering in the cloudy night sky above Houston, in the US state of Texas, has sparked UFO panic as dozens of photos of videos of the strange event continue to circulate on social media.<br>2014-08-21T04:10:43+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32491Beheaded journalist's dad says 'he would've volunteered to go first'The parents of beheaded US journalist James Foley have put on a brave face for the media's cameras outside their home and paid tribute to their beloved son.2014-08-21T05:33:12+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32492Cardinal Pell to face royal commissionCardinal George Pell will face the child abuse royal commission to give evidence about a compensation scheme for victims of pedophile priests.2014-08-21T02:29:59+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22ZAAPuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32493Begging coin cups 'seized as proceeds of crime'<p>Police in Melbourne's CBD are confiscating homeless beggars of their cash donations because they are deemed proceeds of crime, welfare workers say.</p>2014-08-21T04:27:08+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32494Beheading video prompts Twitter to ban images of dead people<p>Twitter has removed gruesome photos and video of beheaded reporter James Foley from its service as part of a new crackdown on social media users abusing images of the deceased.</p>2014-08-21T04:45:34+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32495Quadruple amputee to take part in 5km charity race<p>A Brisbane father who lost all four limbs to streptococcal will take part in a 5km charity race to help an amputee support group.</p>2014-08-21T04:08:00+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32496NY stylist gives homeless free haircuts<p>On his only day off from work every week, upscale New York stylist Mark Bustos will pick up the tools of his trade, head out into the city and offer free haircuts to its least fortunate residents.</p>2014-08-21T04:08:00+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32497Former US President takes the ice bucket challenge<p>The Ice Bucket Challenge has claimed another high-profile victim after former US President George W Bush copped a few litres of freezing water to raise awareness of motor neurone disease.</p>2014-08-21T04:04:00+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32498'Fugitive' Mongols bikie returning to Australia to face stabbing death accusations<p>Mongols bikie Wade Yates-Taui will return to Australia from the US to face after he allegedly fled with his model girlfriend a day before he was ordered to testify about a Queensland stabbing death.</p>2014-08-21T03:40:35+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22ZAAPuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32499Aussie becomes oldest person to swim English Channel<p>Seventy-year-old Cyril Baldock from Bondi has become the oldest person to swim across the English Channel from Dover to Cap Gris Nez.</p>2014-08-21T02:22:08+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22ZAAPuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32500US knew of threats to behead reporter James Foley<p>The US government reportedly knew about the Islamic State's threat to behead journalist James Foley for some time before the video of his execution emerged.</p>2014-08-21T01:33:46+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32501Woman freed from jail after 14-year hunger strike<p>An Indian woman who has staged a 14-year hunger strike against rights abuses in the country's northeast broke down in tears today as she was finally released from a hospital jail.</p>2014-08-21T01:22:58+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32502'Pick up the pace': Ex-CIA boss says US needs to hit jihadists hard after Foley execution<p>The murder of American journalist James Foley by the so-called Islamic State is the extremist group's "first terrorist attack against the United States," a former head of the CIA has warned.</p>2014-08-21T00:31:00+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32503Victorian MP Josh Frydenberg puts ice bucket challenge to Tony Abbott<p>Anybody keen to see the prime minister dunk a bag of ice over his head could soon be in for a treat after a Victorian MP threw down the gauntlet for Tony Abbott to take part in the "ice bucket challenge".</p>2014-08-20T23:22:45+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Zuuid:df98e012-a76f-417f-a9ae-4f0d8b3e609a;id=32504Government backs down on “Budget crisis” rhetoric<p>Ninety-nine days after the Budget was released, the government is trying to hose down its pre-election &ldquo;crisis&rdquo; rhetoric.</p>2014-08-20T23:02:32+10:002014-08-20T20:26:22Z
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