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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=71922014-09-02T16:37:13Z;id=7193Humpbacks to visit Sydney on southern migration<p>It&rsquo;s life in the slow lane: an inquisitive humpback lazily nose-diving around a whale-watching boat about 10km off Sydney.</p>2014-09-03T01:52:50+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7194Designer Stuart Rattle ‘strangled with dog leash’, confesses former lover<p>Michael O&rsquo;Neill pleaded guilty to arson and the murder of his longtime partner, interior designer Stuart Rattle, in a Victorian court yesterday.</p>2014-09-03T00:58:52+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7195Victorian government, coalmine operator 'didn't do enough' in wake of blazeThe Victorian government and the operator of a coalmine that burned for 45 days failed to do enough to respond to the blaze, an inquiry has found.2014-09-02T21:27:57+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13ZAAPuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7196Longer waits for battlers as government merges social services<p>Australians are facing longer waits for their benefits as the government continues its mergers of Centrelink and Medicare centres.</p>2014-09-02T21:45:11+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7197‘Granny bandit’ did it for the thrill<p>Jane Gibson, 52, dressed as an old woman during two failed bank heists &ndash; all for the thrill.</p>2014-09-02T21:01:03+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7198Police officer faces 20 years in prison after robbery allegations<p>Suspended police officer &nbsp;Ashur Oshana could spend 20 years in jail after an alleged attempted armed robbery in Cabramatta.</p>2014-09-02T18:46:44+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7199Heartwarming moment a Victorian baby hears for the first timeBaby Lachlan Lever was distressed at the unfamiliar situation of having a hearing aid implanted, but his smile at being able to hear for the first time was clear.2014-09-02T19:51:57+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7200UPDATE: Handstands banned at Queensland primary school<p>Primary school student Savannah Taplin was recently punished by a Sunshine Coast primary school for performing an unauthorised cartwheel, part of a new suite of playground bans.</p>2014-09-02T19:46:00+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7201Darwin war games key to preparing Australian navy<p>It is day two of Exercise Kakadu, the Navy's largest marine exercise - but there is a lot more to war games than the weapons.</p>2014-09-02T19:05:09+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7202UPDATE: Chinese restaurant fire shuts down one of Sydney's busiest streets<p>A fat fire in a Chinese restaurant kitchen has prompted the shutdown of one of Sydney's busiest districts today, after flames arced up the side of an office block.</p>2014-09-02T16:11:55+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7203New Zealand police could lay manslaughter charges after quake building collapseNew Zealand police will proceed with a criminal investigation into the catastrophic collapse of an office block in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake which claimed 115 lives.2014-09-02T18:46:18+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7204BASE jumper ties parachute to his back piercingsA Russian daredevil known for his love of BASE jumping as well as the hooks deeply embedded in his back has combined the two to perform a fascinating but cringeworthy stunt.2014-09-02T15:44:24+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7205Hollywood stars add serious shine to Packer’s latest venture<p>James Packer's newest resort venture Studio City is reportedly about to launch the classiest ad campaign in history - and some of Hollywood's biggest names are coming along for the ride.</p>2014-09-02T16:43:26+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7206Qld rapist arrested for alleged breachOne of Queensland's most notorious sex offenders has been arrested after allegedly breaching his supervision order.2014-09-02T18:46:53+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13ZAAPuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7207Cannabis doctor will continue to distribute his ‘medicine’ from secret lab<p>A doctor deregistered in 2005 for supplying cannabis oil to his patients has reportedly claimed he will never stop supplying the illegal tonic to his patients in the face of "unjust" laws.</p>2014-09-02T15:21:49+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13Zuuid:bf65cdaf-c76f-4102-9452-1cae4aa03c57;id=7208Family may sue over insulation death after report handed down<p>The family of 22-year-old Mitchell Sweeney, who was electrocuted while installing roof insulation, may sue the federal government.</p>2014-09-02T16:20:00+10:002014-09-02T16:37:13ZAAP
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