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Latest news headlines - Ninemsn NewsLatest news headlines and breaking news from Australia and the world. uuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=64782016-10-26T13:13:18Z;id=6479VIDEO: Turnbull Government steps up pressure on Senate crossbench over company tax cuts<p>The centrepiece of the budget and key election platform could hang on the vote of Senator Nick Xenophon.</p>2016-10-26T20:54:42+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6480‘New’ repackaged home brand products hit Aussie supermarket shelves<p>Supermarkets are&nbsp;repackaging products to combat what they call a &ldquo;perception problem&rdquo; with home brand labels.</p>2016-10-26T20:16:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6481Man allegedly murdered by Nepalese chef while he ate dinner at Ballarat Indian restaurant<p>Friends have remembered a man murdered by a Nepalese chef as a caring community member.</p>2016-10-26T20:08:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6482VIDEO: Determined Melbourne senior sits VCE exams at the age of 70<p>Victoria&rsquo;s oldest Year 12 student has told 9NEWS that exams are nerve-wracking at any stage of life.</p>2016-10-26T20:58:20+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6483Former Socceroo Steve Herczeg 'could have caused own death', South Australian premier saysA police report suggests former Socceroo Steve Herczeg may have caused the catheter bungle that led to his own death, South Australia's premier says.2016-10-26T17:24:33+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18ZAAPuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6484'Phoney low-lifes': Donald Trump targets media at Florida rally9NEWS US correspondent Laura Turner reports from a Donald Trump rally in Florida.2016-10-26T18:49:50+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6485The secret ISIS tunnels hidden beneath MosulA series of intricate ISIS built tunnels containing living quarters have been discovered beneath Mosul as government forces drive the jihadi group from the Iraqi city.2016-10-26T16:51:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6486Cockatoos terrorise possum in Melbourne streetOne ringtail possum has got more than it bargained for, being attacked by two cockatoos in a bruising battle for supremacy caught on film in Melbourne.2016-10-26T17:32:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18ZAAPuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6487Mysterious Celtic cross discovered in Irish forestDrone footage has revealed a mysterious Celtic Cross that had been hidden in an Irish forest for years.2016-10-26T14:54:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6488Doug Moran National Portrait Prize: Daughter inspires artist's $150k winning pieceAn emotional Megan Seres has taken out this year's Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, worth $150,000.2016-10-26T15:30:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18ZAAPuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6489Man shot by police officers in Dandenong<p>A man has been shot by a police officer in Dandenong, in Melbourne's south-east.</p>2016-10-26T20:24:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6490Family of slain Sydney underworld figure clashes with 9NEWS camera crew<p>Police are preparing for retaliation after a man was shot dead in the driveway of his Sydney home in front of his young son.</p>2016-10-26T22:51:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6491Man dies in industrial accident at Melbourne’s South Wharf<p>A man has died in a workplace incident at Melbourne's&nbsp;South Wharf this afternoon.</p>2016-10-26T17:13:19+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6492Children hospitalised after a gastro outbreak at a childcare centre <p>A child has died and four children have been hospitalised after a gastro outbreak at a Sydney childcare centre.</p>2016-10-26T23:37:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6493Apple reports slowing iPhone sales<p>iPhone sales are continuing to slow as Apple's latest financial results revealed a five percent drop in sales compared to the same quarter of 2015.</p>2016-10-26T16:04:16+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Zuuid:25256cc4-645d-4a4f-97f9-4c36bf8e14a7;id=6494Melbourne jeweller who chased away armed robbers ‘won’t let them win’ <p>The manager of a Melbourne jewellery shop targeted by armed robbers yesterday has returned to work today and vowed not to let the culprits win.</p>2016-10-26T14:10:00+11:002016-10-26T13:13:18Z
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